This blog deals with the culture, society and history of the Basque Country seen through its murals. If you’re interested in mural art, the Basque Country is a goldmine – kind of like Northern Ireland but with slightly better weather and much better food.

The blog also has entries about Basque connections to Cuba, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and the USA.

Please check out the gallery where you can get an overview of all the murals and links to the entries where they are described. For the towns of Deba and Zarautz, there is also a digital map available with the locations of the different murals.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send an e-mail to me at joakim you-know-what lilljegren.com


Two Basque flags painted on a fronton wall, the same motive as the flags on the top of this blog.



  1. emzzzzkitten · May 30

    Hi Joakim, I came across your blog by chance – I actually did my university dissertation on Basque murals so it came as a big surprise that you’ve featured many of the same murals I recorded back in 2013-2015! Get in touch if you want to share ideas sometime. @emzitxu

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    • basquemurals · May 31

      Hi, and cheers for the message! Nice to hear that there are more people out the with this niche interest in Basque street art 🙂 Would love to read your disseration – is it available online or could you please e-mail a copy to me? Otherwise I haven’t done much with this blog for the last year, but this summer I’ll spend a week in Iparralde and Gipuzkoa, so if I manage to take some photos then I might update it again. All the best! / Joakim


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