Here are a few murals made and photographed by the artist MuralesLian (earlier featured at this blog with the improvement of the gaztetxea in Zarautz). Many thanks for letting us publish the pictures! We start off with this super hero child:


The text says utz diezaiogun printzesa hauskorrak eta matxito biolentoak hezteari, that is ‘let’s stop raising fragile princesses and small violent male chauvinists’.

Next is this wolf with the text ez ixildu, altxatu eta ohiukatu, meaning ‘don’t be quiet, stand up and scream’:


Here’s another gaztetxea facade (with a small lauburu, Basque cross, next to the stop sign to the right):


A grand mural from Eibar:


One from Beasain:hands1hands2

And finally this beautiful painting:


For more murals made by MuralesLian, please visit the artist at Facebook and WordPress.


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