Azkoitia & Azpeitia

Here are a bunch of photos of walls in the two Gipuzkoan inland towns of Azkoitia and Azpeitia (same shit, not very different names). Starting off with this happy child and well nourished cat:


Here are three versions of the same stencil, stating that a place to live is a human right (etxebizitza eskubidea). The one to the right is signed with the symbol of the banned Basque socialist youth organisation Segi.


A pair of photos from a subway with people canoeing and biking:



These dancing figures:


Decoration next to a outdoor fronton:


A wall for Orkatz, a herriko taberna, that is an establishment run and visited by affiliates and sympathisers to the Basque left-wing nationalist movement. The equivalent for the Basque bourgeoisie is called batzokia. Read more about these phenomena at Spanish Wikipedia: Herriko taberna and Batzokia.


A stencil with a Jewish version of Sabino Arana (here called “Rabino Arana”), founder of the Basque Nationalist Party back in 1895. Don’t know whether it’s just a bad word play or also something antisemitic about it.


The facade of a textile store with two lauburu, Basque crosses:


A mural proclaiming Nafarroa – gure estatua, ‘Navarre – our state’, reflecting that many Basque nationalists want to see Navarre, the neighbouring region of Euskadi, as a part of the Basque Country. The symbol to the left is the Navarrese shield, while the one to the right is the arrano beltza, a black eagle.


And finally some random photos:



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