Nothing to do whatsoever with murals I’m afraid, but at least it connects to the earlier post on Basque-Swedish connections: The American Boga – Basque Studies Consortium Journal has just published an article of mine about Euskadi-bulletinen, a Swedish journal published in 1975–76 in solidarity with the Basque independence movement. The text is freely available at the web page of Boga.

Below is a bilingual illustration from Euskadi-bulletinen, with the Basque eguŕa, literally meaning ‘wood’ but here it’s short for eguŕa eman which could be translated to ‘strike hard’ (nowadays it would be spelled egurra). Then the Swedish stöd det baskiska folkets kamp för frihet och socialism means ‘support the Basque people’s struggle for freedom and socialism’, while Basuqe askatasuna at the end means ‘freedom’ (which was the name of the organisation that published Euskadi-bulletinen).


The same issue of Boga also contains an article by William A. Douglass on calculating Basque ethnicity in the US census, another one by Jexux Larrañaga Arriola on bertsolaritza, and a feature on a newly found piece of cave art in the Armintxe cave.


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