A house with a house in Zarautz, and the following poem to the left (no translation I’m afraid):

Haizeak mugitu zuen orria
orriak mugitu zuen eguna
egunek mugitu zuten jendea
jendeak mugitu zuen auzoa
auzoak mugitu zituen jaiak
jaiak alaitu zuen auzoa
auzoak piztu zuen jendea
jendeak eman zituen egunak
egunek idatzi zituzten orriak
orriak eraman zituen haizeak.

An interesting detail is the etxera symbol painted on the mountain in the background of the mural. The same mountain can be seen in the background to the right in the photo below, but then without any painting on it (a bit hard to tell due to the very Basque and foggy weather, but believe me, it’s not there). The symbol had been painted and cleaned away several times, but since a few years ago, the cleaing side has won and authorities have banned any paintings being made on the mountain.


A few hundred meters away, severel other houses can be seen in the grotesque painting below, where a mad lad is eating trees and shitting buildings:


In the bottom left corner of the photo above, there’s a small colourful house with a occupation symbol and an even smaller number, 36. This refers to Bizkaia Kalea 36, just on the other side of the road, where there is a gaztetxea, ‘youth house’. That’s an occupied building with different cultural activites, for example mural painting, which could be seen on the whole facade of the house:


This particular youth house is called Putzuzulo Gaztetxea.

Another gaztetxea, one in Deba, has earlier been featured on this blog, the second picture in this entry.

Update: In July 2017, the Putzuzulo Gaztetxea got a new beautiful facade, made by MuralesLian:


And the side looks like this:



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