Añorga paintings


Close to the railway station in the Donostian suburb Añorga, an old abandoned industrial building has been occupied and covered with loads of beautiful paintings. For example this one by the Dominican airbrush artist Eme, showing seven women in black and white on a colourful background. Each one holds up a clenched fist, and with their looks and clothing they seem to represent different parts of the world, the one in the middle being Basque (compare the clothes to the ones at the end of this entry):


Other paintings include this one, ametsak elkarbanatuz, ‘sharing dreams’:


And this one, herri tallerra, possibly meant as herri tailerra, ‘public workshop’ (in the occupied building, many different tasks are being carried out, for example repairing bicycles and making furniture). It’s followed by the German phrase lebe der freie Gedanke, ‘long live the free thought’:


Here’s an occupation sign (circle with arrow, same as in the photo above) and an owl:


And here’s a happy monkey with sunglasses:


A not that happy skull:


And finally, this woman, also signed by Eme, and a stilised eagle:



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