Their struggle


This graffiti in the Donostian suburb Añorga states zuen borroka gure eredu which means ‘your struggle, our role model’. It features a red star and the faces of Juan “Txiki” Paredes and Angel Otaegi, two ETA members who were among the last five to be executed by the Franco regime, 27 September 1975.

The same slogan and star is found on this door in Juan de Bilbao Kalea in the old part of the town, together with four other faces. Don’t know who they are, but one can guess that they are from the same category. Please leave a comment if you can identify the portraits.


ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) was founded in 1959 and later developed into a terrorist group, fighting for an independent and socialist Basque state. It’s responsible for more than 800 killings between the years 1968 and 2010. Read more at Wikipedia.

Murals were often used in the propaganda for ETA. Nowadays, it’s very rare with murals referring directly to ETA (and if any were painted, it would probably be painted over or cleaned away as quickly), but in photo archives you can find quite a few ETA murals, for example the one below in Altsasu, available through Wikimedia. It featues the ETA slogan bietan jarrai, ‘continue with both’, referring to both the political and the armed struggle (also symbolised in the logo with a snake and an axe):


Also this wall painting from Pasaia (photo from Wikimedia as well) has an ETA tag to the left of it, saying E.T.A. herria zurekin, which means ‘ETA, the people [is] with you’. The main painting is propaganda from the banned left-wing party Batasuna, featuring a Basque shield (described at the end of this entry), a black eagle, a lauburu (Basque cross) and an ikurriña (Basque flag) together with the call independentzia:



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