Herri kirolak

Herri kirolak is the Basque term for rural sports. That’s old work duties turned into competions, for example cutting wood or lifting stones. In these Youtube clips, you can see examples of aizkolaritza (wood-chopping) and harri-jasotzea (stone-lifting). And in this mural, there’s a pair of aizkolariak (wood-choppers):


And next to them, there’s an harri-jasotzailea (stone-lifter, here together with some extraterrestrials, normally not associated with the rural sports):


The number on the stone usually indicates its weight, but since the record is 329 kg (Mieltxo Saralegi in 2001), one should probably interpret 2005 as the year when the mural was painted.

The mural continues with a bar:


It also includes these two women with seafood:


And these women, dressed in traditional clothing:


In this Basque blog, there are photos showing the same mural and when it was being painted (and also loads of other non-mural related stuff).


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