Juan de Bilbao Kalea

In Juan de Bilbao Kalea, a street in the old town of Donostia / San Sebastián with many left-wing establishments, you can find a lot of political graffiti. Here are a few examples, starting with a picture of a masked figure (maybe subcomandante Marcos) and the text kapitala suntsitu! ‘smash capitalism’:


The symbol of Navarre with a black eagle and a red star:


A feminist symbol with the small text borroka da bide bakarra ‘struggle is the only way’:


The campaign symbol for the prisoners of the Basque independence movement, with the texts preso eta iheslariak etxera and amnistia osoa, meaning ‘prisoners and exiles home’ and ‘full amnesty’:


A similar symbol with the same map, but the arrows pointing in the different directions, the flags of Spain and France crossed over and the text utzi bake[a]n, ‘leave it alone’:


And finally a painting signed by Urgulpeko Gazteak and the text ez dugu non! (tricky to translate, seems to be missing a word, but since they are a house occupation movement, one can assume that it should be understood as something like ‘we have nowhere [to live]’):



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