Zarautz 2016


Here are a few random photos from the streets of Zarautz, starting with this farmer, dog and cow, signed Ukan/RGA 06:


Continuing with this screaming figure close to Zehar Kalea and the text ez ixildu!! (‘don’t be quiet!!’, ez isildu with s in standard Basque):


And this one at Geltoki Ingurua Aldea:


Two women in Zelai Azpibidea, one holding a feminist flag, both screaming prekarietateari abordajea, ‘overboard with the precariat’ (also featured in this Basque blog when it was less bleached by the sun):


A red star with a hammer and sickle at the old industrial area, and the letters RAF (for ‘Red Army Fraction’, ‘Royal Air Force’ or something completely different?):


A few arty stickers with the Spanish word independencia, and one with the text independencia es como comer zetas, meaning ‘independency is how to eat mushrooms’ (with the word for ‘mushrooms’ strangely spelled with z in stead of conventional s; setas):


And finally a tree landscape from a tunnel at Urdaneta Bidea:



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