The Swedish connection

We stay in the Swedish-Basque track with two murals from Gothenburg. The first one is the facade of the restaurant Basque at Magasinsgatan with a small mural above the entrance:
Not far away, at Grönsakstorget, you find another pintxo place with this Monet inspired (or at least I think so because of the bowler hat) painting on the backside:
Thanks to an upcoming street art festival, Artscape, there will soon be more murals in the city.
And when we’re at it, here’s a Swedish-Basque glossary, originally made to facilitate a trip to Bilbao that my brother did a few years ago. Feel free to use it if you’d like to:
Update: There were quite a few new murals painted during the Artscape festival, for example the one below to the left by the French artists Koralie and SupaKitch. However, Swedish street art policies wouldn’t be Swedish street art policies if the whole thing hadn’t been covered with a huge IKEA ad soon after the artists had left (below to the right):

Nya Argus

In the latest issue of the Finland-Swedish journal Nya Argus, there’s an article on Basque murals that I’ve written: Muralmålningar i Baskien – en bildessä från Zarautz. A photo of a mural (earlier described in this entry) even decorates the cover:
Can’t but recommend it, and even if you don’t read Scandinavian, you can always look at the pictures 🙂 It’s available at most decent libraries in Finland and Sweden, and also at Sanz Enea, the public library in Zarautz.
In the same genre and language, I can also recommend number 4 2001 of Ord & Bild, where Johan Järlehed has selected and commented a few of Yolande Bellecave’s mural photos.