In our hands

This mural in Deba shows three people jumping over hurdles. The pier, bridge and beach of the town are painted behind them:


The texts on the hurdles, osotasuna, erabakitze eskubidea and gure esku dago, mean ‘integrity’, ‘the right to decide’ and ‘it’s in our hands’. Gure esku dago is also the name of an organisation in favour of a referendum on the Basque Country’s political status and its connections to Spain and France. They’ve organised a few spectacular demonstrations during the last years, for example a human chain with more than 100.000 participants in 2014. The symbol of the organisation (the stylized hand) can be found at four places in the mural.

The person in the middle has the symbol of the Haitz-haundi artist group, probably the ones behind the mural. If you can identify the symbol on the shirt of the person to the left and the black and yellow colours of the person the the right (some local sports team?), please leave a comment.

The mural is located at Itur Kalea in the old town of Deba, next to several other murals earlier featured at this blog – two environmental murals, two feminist murals and one Oteiza mural:



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