This culinary mural from a shop facade in Zarautz will have to do as illustration for this entry:


Donostia-San Sebastián (the current European Capital of Culture by the way) is said to be the city with most Michelin stars per square meter, and with a total of 39 Michelin restaurants in the region, there are plenty of possibilities to spend a monthly budget on a dinner. Read more at Eusko Guide.

But also the more affordable alternatives have awesome food (for example pintxos, kind of like tapas but better), so if you don’t gain a few kilos during your trip to the Basque Country, you’ve done something wrong.

And one shouldn’t forget the drinks, for example txakoli which is an acidic white wine that goes very well with the seafood of the region. On the red side, some of the world famous Rioja wines are from the Basque Country (Rioja alavesa or Arabako Errioxa). Other drinks to try are the dry cider (sagardoa) and the sweet sloe-flavoured liqueur patxaran. Some of these ought to be the content of the blue bottle above.


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