The prisoners

In many of the murals, there’s a stylized map of the Basque Country with two arrows pointing towards it. Here are some details of murals earlier featured in this blog:


This is the symbol for the campaign Euskal presoak Euskal Herrira, which means ‘Basque prisoners to the Basque Country’. This refers to the prisoners of the Basque independence movement (currently some 400, most of them ETA members), of which many are held imprisoned in southern Spain or northern France, as far away from the Basque Country as possible. Read more about that in this Wikipedia article.

In the mural below from the old industrial area in Zarautz, the painters had taken advantage of an old road sign pointing left. They only added the black map and the white arrow pointing right (and the rest of the colours as well). However, since it was made, the direction of the one-way road has been changed, so now both arrows point in the same direction. Politically, it doesn’t make as much sense as before, but it’s less of a traffic danger like it is now:


At the front page of Nya Argus no 5–6 2016, you can see how this mural originally looked.

Another symbol used in the same context, although not as frequently, is this one:


It’s the symbol for amnesty for the prisoners and was originally designed by Eduardo Chillida in 1977. This one is from the harbour in Deba. The text next to it, amnistia [ta] askatasuna, means ‘amnesty and freedom’, while jo ta ke could be translated into something like ‘keep on fighting’.


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