The Irish connection

In Northern Ireland, the Mecca of modern murals, there are some murals with Basque motifs. Most of them are political, for example the one shown in this photo, available through the Wikipedia article Murals in Northern Ireland:


The headline askatasuna means ‘freedom’. Apart from the Irish and Basque flags in the background, it also shows the flags and locations of Galicia (white and blue) and Catalonia (yellow and red).

The blog Extramural Activity has described a few other Basque murals in Belfast:

They’ve also had a guest mural from Bilbao, honouring a young Basque aid worker killed in Colombia in 1999.

Bill Rolston and Amaia Alvarez Berasategi at the Ulster University in Belfast have recently written an article about Basque murals. You can find the abstract here: Taking Murals Seriously: Basque Murals and Mobilisation


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