SKAPA 2015

Another piece of poetry at a wall in Zarautz, this one from 2015:


The lines to the right read as follow:

Begira sorlekuari
zertan da neure herria
zenbat lagun bizi ote ziren
mundu honekin bat eginda
Harri landuaren azpian
zer zegoen garai batean
urek ere ezin zehatz esan
erreka nondik nora doan

Too tricky for me, so no translation I’m afraid, but it’s surely something very deep and profound.

The abbreviation SKAPA at the end stands for Santa Klara, Azken Portu and Aritzbatalde, three neighbourhoods where they make a new mural every year at an annual festivity.

Update: After a heartless renovation less than a year later than the mural was made, half of it, the part with the poem, has been replaced with bricks:



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