High fidelity

This mural in Zarautz contains a Basque word game: Kubari beti fidel means ‘Always loyal to Cuba’, where the Spanish loan word fidel of course refers to the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, still president when the painting was made in 2006:


There’s quite a big Basque diaspora living in Cuba, and according to this interview with the Cuban ambassador in Madrid, the Basque Country is one of the regions in Spain with most cooperation with Cuba, both in terms of trade and solidarity work.

Around the corner, the mural continues with this boat and a quite poetic line: Gure plazan gauero eguzki betea, which could be translated to ‘in our square there is full sun every night’. (Ilargi betea means ‘full moon’, while eguzkia means ‘sun’, so eguzki betea would then be something similar to “full sun”, whatever that would mean – feel free to interpret it in your own way.)



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